Real Estate Lawyers: The New York Real Estate Law Firm with the attorneys, skills and information you need to purchase a home, sell a home, refinance a home, modify a home loan or go through the short sale process serving homeowners and those who would like to be homeowners in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and throughout New York and New Jersey.

REPRESENTING CLIENTS IN REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: SINCE 1973 the Decker family has provided Staten Island and the surrounding areas of New York and New Jersey with best-in-class real estate legal support. Throughout over 40,000 commercial and residential real estate transactions, the father and son team have established a track record of excellence while gaining the trust and respect of their community as well as a significant number of repeat clients.

The Deckers are qualified to assist you with a number of real estate legal services, ranging from residential and commercial transactions to refinancing and home loans to real estate litigation. Steven and Arthur Decker are not attorneys who will rush you through the process, just stopping to show you where to sign and initial. Rather, they are dedicated to reviewing the information with you so that you have a thorough and concrete understanding of your transaction or case. Step by step, you will discuss your situation, draw up a sensible plan, and then execute it. Throughout the procedures, you will feel included, informed, secure, and educated.

Every client is different, just like every property is different.  You need a lawyer who understands both.  Our expertise lies not only in knowing real estate law and the players involved, but also in being able to explain the closing process to our clients.  Having all parties understand the closing process and their role in it is equally as important to us as protecting your legal rights. From selecting a real estate broker to signing a binder, from reviewing an engineer’s report to drafting a real estate contract, from selecting the right lender to picking the correct financing option, from title clearance to closing, we will explain it all to you.  By listening to our client’s expectations we can help them successfully complete their transaction with a keen eye on financial constraints and time constraints.

Real Estate Legal Services Backed By 35 Years of Experience 

Over the last 35 years, we have perfected the most common real estate transactions, and much of our work consists of helping families in our Staten Island community and the surrounding area buy or sell their house. We will stand by you and guide you through the process as we draw up the contract, get your mortgage approved, clear the title, set up the closing, oversee the details of the inspection and insurance, and finally close the deal. Throughout these steps, we will make certain that you understand each step and why it is in place while at the same time ensuring that you are protected and informed.

It is important to us that this process runs smoothly and that each step takes place in a timely manner. We want each of our clients to end their time with us either by successfully selling their property or by moving in to their new home. In the cases where the process breaks down due to the actions of another party, we will be available to help you through negotiations and, if necessary, litigation.

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Many times we hear people say that they aren’t sure whether or not they need an attorney. At Decker & Decker, we believe that the best way to know whether or not you need a real estate lawyer is to talk with one. We can guide you through the process and ensure that you have a solid understanding of the situation and that you get the results you need. We will be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you have.

Located in Staten Island, New York, and serving the greater New York and New Jersey areas, the law firm of Decker & Decker is dedicated to their clients and their clients’ needs. If you are seeking a focused, open, and experienced real estate lawyer practicing in New York and New Jersey, talk to us about your real estate legal needs. Let Steven and Arthur Decker help you devise a thorough and sensible plan of action. For more information or to schedule
an appointment, fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 718.979.4300.

The law office of Decker & Decker is located at 3 Kermit Avenue in Staten Island, New York. They serve the following areas: Staten Island, New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and New Jersey.

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