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Co-op in Harlem offers “stimulus package” to buyers

A new co-op building in Harlem is trying to apply the same ideas for trying to boost the economy to their co-op unit buyers.

Beacon Towers, which was recently developed, is offering a sort of “stimulus package” to anyone purchasing a co-op in their building between now and July 5.

The “stimulus package” being offered to the purchasers of the new york city co-op property in Harlem is a $300 credit towards monthly maintenance fees for one year.

Beacon Towers is saying they are doing this in hopes that it will bring in new purchasers and also help surrounding restaurants and other businesses at the same time.  They said the co-op purchasers are free to use the money they are saving as they please, but they are hoping that they will use some of it to eat out more often or purchase things from the businesses in the area.  They believe this will help both the purchaser save money and will help boost the sales of the businesses in the surrounding Harlem area.

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