Purchasing a Home: The advantage new home owners have over renters

In these tough economic times there has been a struggle in the sale of newly constructed homes.  Many home builders are starting to do something about the recent lack of business in their area.  They are starting to market the purchase of  newly constructed homes to renters.

Renters are being persuaded more now than ever to become a homeowner in todays market.  There are many advantages for the renters, especially if they are first time home buyers.  With current interest rates averaging around 4.25-4.5% there is plenty of reason for people to purchase a home or refinance.  Some renters may even find that the amount they would be paying monthly for a mortgage is equal to or less than the amount they are currently paying for rent.   Another advantage to the renter as long as they are a first time home buyer is the $8,000.00 federal tax credit for first time home buyers that will be given as long as you purchase a home between now and December 1.

As you can see there are many advantages to becoming a homeowner in todays market instead of renting a property.  Some builders are trying to potentially sell their newly constructed homes by offering custom designing within the homes, trying to promote the fact that you can have pets in your home (unlike some apartments) and even helping the potential buyer find a bank that is offering low affordable interest rates.

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Steven T. Decker is an experienced real estate lawyer, author and speaker. With over 20 years of experience, Steven represents individuals and investors in the purchase of residential and commercial real property. Steven is the author of "The Five Myths that can Ruin the Purchase of Your Home" and he is the publisher of the "New York Real Estate Law Blog". If you are buying or selling a home or commercial property in Staten Island, New York City or New Jersey contact Steven T. Decker, Esq. to discuss the services that he offers and how his legal representation will assist you.

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